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100% Bounced Data Protection
We Will Replace 100% Of Any Bounces!

All the businesses that are using our amazing email software
are actually helping each other clean our database because the
emailer automatically sends bounced emails into our severs so
they are removed from our query pool of data in real-time.
Additionally before we upload data it has already been cleaned
for bounces, etc. by industry leading data hygiene companies.
Our data is the cleanest in the industry!

  1. Email Your Own List With Your Own Software!
  2. Get Your List From Us Or Develop Your Own With Our Software
  3. See Our Many Email, Contact Page Submission
  4. Control the Emailing Yourself and Save Substantial Money!
  5. Our Software Comes With A Detailed User Guide
  6. LIVE one on one USA based training and technical support available for $20 per hour.

Campaign Management

At Data Records Corporation Emailer, our goal is always to give our customers full control of their marketing campaigns for the lowest cost possible. We have some clients who want to run their own campaign right from their office PC.
They can do that now and more.

We also have many clients who are technically challenged, don't have the resources in-house or budgets to run their own campaign so they outsource it to Data Records Corporation Emailer to manage their marketing campaigns.
They still can do that now and more. Please email us or call for pricing and questions

Our Featured Software


Email Data Mailer

The benefits of Email Data Mailer (EDM) Get your Free Ebook Here

Email Data Mailer (EDM)

Email Data Mailer (EDM) allows you to e-mail from the IP address of USA based email servers, with by far has the best deliverability in the industry! How?

EDM simultaneously rotates your email through many webhosting companies SMTP's (you own), so you do not utilize contiguous IP addresses and exceed the ISP speed thresholds. Also rotated are your: From Names, From E-mails, Subject Lines, parts of the email body and many presentations, to reduce commonality to the filters, and includes a built in spam-checker.

Email Data Mailer (EDM) has a robust database built into it that allows you to query data that we supply or other data suppliers by dozens of socio, economic and demographic selects. DR also interfaces with our squeeze/landing pages we can design for you so to provide "ANONYMOUS" tracking of opens, click throughs, landing page visits and includes an auto-responder. Dozens of other unique benefits which simultaneously allows you to have not only the lowest email sending costs but by far the best deliverability!

Email Data Mailer (EDM) Has Simply Revolutionized The Email Industry!

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Website Capture Page Submitter

Website Capture Page Submitter (WCPS):

You're Treated As A Guest In The Website Owners House Compared To Emailing! Webpage Submitter Automatically Personalizes Every Website Submission.

Website Capture Page Submitter simply allows you to upload the home page of millions of websites that you want to contact and WS automates the posting and submitting of your message into the websites contact page! No emailing! No Can SPAM Email Requirements!

It appears as if you visited each website, as the software will even insert the name of the key executive from the uploaded data record right into each submission.

The response is "30X Greater Than E-Mailing" as 100% of people open their contact page submissions as opposed to emails AND of course there are no email filters to deal with as this is not emailing!

WS lets your custom message contain your website link and handles Unicode for foreign website submissions as well. The software will run all day at no cost from any desktop PC and will contact about 150,000 websites per day.

The Days of Typing Captcha Are Over

WS software also has an added "DECAPTCHA" OPTION where it will use a service bureau in real time which will enter captcha codes into the approximately 20% of websites which have captcha codes at a cost of only one cent per correct submission. This has never been offered before!!!

WS has an additional feature that allows you to post your message into the contact pages of representatives from many top Multi-Level-Marketing companies as well. The possibilities are endless!!!!!

No More Relying upon Emails that Go Bad Quickly! --- No Email Filter Issues! --- No More Getting Black Listed! Just one very inexpensive WS License can submit tens of thousands per day!

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