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This page allows you to search for US Voter Preference Data data broken down by all sorts of factors. There are the usual geographic aspects such as city, county, state and zip code, and even telephone area code and exchange criteria. You can also search on SCF ranges, which are the first three numbers of the zip code. You can search on a person's gender, ethnicity, yearly income, religion etc. You can also select on his own or rent dwelling status or date of birth. You can also search on his congressional district, political party and even cell phone carrier company. There are over 20 different criteria to search on.

US Voter Data

US Voter Data by Political Parties:

Almost All Have a Cell Phone Number, Most have Land Line
Phone Numbers Too. Sorry, No Emails

Choose A Political Party

Select Congressional District(s)

(hold the control key down to select more than one)
Geographic Search Parameters

Clicking on the name of a country or a state will check that box too.

*Selecting All USA will override any State selection below.

United States:

County Data Records Search Option:

Select one or more US STATES FIRST, then click right button for all the counties, Not valid for Canada.
Avoid the folowing "Counties" search option if you are searching for a specific State, Country or just one or a few Municipalities within a State.

Input Some Cities:

City names that are common to multiple States will give you the data count for each City in every State selected. Also, city name spellings are not consistent and the USPS city/town names do not always jibe with the actual town the resident is in, especially in sparsely populated rural areas. Zip codes & county names are a lot more accurate way to get the right geographical matches.
Use the Zip Codes specific to a City within a particular State for the Best Results.

Choose Only One from Below:

Input 5-digit US Zip Codes

You must start with the FIRST or upper left hand Zip Code Box, or it wil ignore the rest.
To Include or Exclude a whole range of Zip Codes, using the first three numbers like 900 for LA or 100 for NYC, see SCF Section Below

United States Zip Code Based SCF Look Up
Will Find all the Zip Codes in a region based on the first three numbers of the Zip Code, like '011' will give you all the zips in the Springfield Mass area. The US Census Population of the SCF region is the last number.

(NOTE: Hold the Control key down to select more than one SCF Region)

United States Zip Code & Search Radius:
(For distance in miles up to 250 miles)

Zip:  | Mile Radius From:

NOTE : Selecting a US Search Radius will prevent you from searching by City, County or Zip.

Choose Any or All of the following search options:

Everything Below is Optional.
Telephone Numbers Search: (Optional) Enter the area code and exchange of the phone # as a string w/o any spaces, like 203233. Separate them by at least a space. Note: At least a 3 Digit Area Code is required. This search option takea considerable time, especially if multiple states and many area codes and exchanges are entered.

Cellphone Carriers For Phone WITH OR WITHOUT a Carrier
  |   |  
(Selecting WITH or WITHOUT Carrier Will Override the Selections Below)

OR Select Phones BY Carriers

Enter an Age or Age Range: (Optional)
Caution: By choosing an age parameter you substantially reduce the available record pool to pull data from because only 5% of the records have a date of birth. But all records are of adults!!!
In other words, if there are 200 million records in the database only 10 million have ages to query.

If you want an exact age, use only the left dropdown box.
If you want a range of ages, enter the lower age in the left dropdown box & the higher age in the right dropdown box.

Date of Birth: (Optional) Select any of the three to Obtain an Exact or partial Date of Birth, Even for People Born on a particular day or month

/ /    Select Any of the Three or All of Them

Select Records Based on Their Opt-In Date: (Optional) Include in only records that have opted-in from an earlier date back to a later date.
From this Date:

This Must be an Earlier Date
than the One to the Right.
To this Date:

Leave this one alone if you want to
select all records up to the present.

Search by Last Name:
Search By Last Name:

(This is for exact matches only. It will slow query down considerably)

(Normally the search is case insensitive, or capitalization doesn't matters. This feature makes the name search case sensitive so "Hurley" would match only Hurley, not HURLEY OR hurley)

Check Record Count
Search Anytime
Before you press the button below to get your query results, you also have the option to be emailed the results. Depending upon the time of day, the quantity of selects, the query wait time can range from 10 seconds to 12 minutes.

Option 1: If you don't want to wait to see your query results, we'll email them to you at this address:

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