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Instructions + Tips to Help You Search Better

General Search Tips

We have Four Types of Data to Choose From

  1. Consumer Opt-In Emails

    These all have a unique email address. This is the only data set that has all emails, the rest only have partial, < half.This data is regularly refreshed too. You can search on ethnicity, income levels, the URL source the email address was submitted to. You can also search on email address strings. You can also search on age, birth date, last name and gender

  2. B2B Data

    This data is regularly refreshed too. This has the normal criteria plus you can search on a company's sic code, naics code, number of employees, revenues. job titles and company names, partial or whole. There is also 5 different ways to search on sic codes + naics codes

  3. Consumer Postal & Phones

    This search is different than the rest. It has over 200 criteria to search from such as hobbies, address types, children and adults in house, occupations, religion, ethnic groups, languages spoken, business owners, education levels and so much more. It has about 30% emails. It is for the USA only

  4. Vehicles

    Cars + Trucks in USA & Canada, You can search on make, model, year, diesel or gas, new or used or liens or not. Also has the usual geographical searches plus You can also search on age, birth date, last name and gender. You can even search on cell phone carrier

Advantages to Registering

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